SLICE: **Earn REAL BITCOIN while browsing the web**

By: Stardouce


With only a few clicks, Slice interacts with the majority of browsers (including Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Brave).

Set up Slice
To add the extension to your browser, go to

To activate the extension, click on its icon and choose Connect the extension.

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Take the data from the Slice Dashboard and paste it into the extension.

Once the extension has been installed and activated, you can begin gathering Slices.

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You gain slices, the extension’s native currency, each time you view an advertisement. Try it out by opening your browser and browsing the web. Once you have a large number of Slices, you can withdraw them to the ZEBEDEE app to trade them for BITCOIN!!!

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Go to Payout and select your payment method (there are several, but you can guess which one is the best)

Send money with this incredible app that I personally love haha with UR Gamertag or Lightning Address through the ZEBEDEE app.

Keep in mind that after 30 days, you can only change Slices to Bitcoin so is perfect!

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