WORLD 2022: Bees and cultivars are encouraged by agrochemicals.

Bees 2022

By: Stardouce


Our agriculture is focused on extracting the maximum profit from the land. But how do cockroaches and pesticides affect the environment and human beings? Are we poisoning our environment and ending up with a plethora of species?

Fertile fields are a valuable and necessary resource for our nourishment. Excessive usage of agrochemicals, on the other hand, is hazardous. Pesticides annihilate species, taint soils, and kill vital microbes required for the formation of natural humus. Glyphosate, neonicotinoids, organophosphates, and pyrethroids are only a few of the over 1,000 pesticides approved in Germany. In agriculture, they’re employed to get rid of pests, fungi, and wild plants.

Pesticides are applied in the amount of 90,000 tons per year. For chemical companies, it’s a million-dollar business. “When it rains, neonicotinoids wind up on the ground. They poison insects and the environment, and they have a highly harmful effect on many organisms there “Henk Tennekes, a toxicologist, agrees. The unusually high mortality rate among bees has long been considered to be due to nerve chemicals from the neonicotinoid family. Even though studies warned about their usage from the outset, it took almost 30 years for the latest neonicotinoids to be prohibited across the EU in 2021. It is, however, far too early to declare success. On the one hand, there are “emergency authorizations” for neonicotinoids that allow them to be used notwithstanding the ban.

Substances having similar properties, on the other hand, have been on the market for a long time but their effects have not been investigated as well as neonicotinoids. They are also still permitted in numerous nations outside of the EU. Agriculture accounts for over 40% of the EU budget. In October 2020, the Common Agricultural Policy was renegotiated for a new seven-year duration. In actuality, the €50 billion in annual agricultural subsidies should be used to encourage environmentally and climate-friendly agricultural practices. However, the newly passed reform does not inspire confidence.

We’ll see when they give up trying to put us out.



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